Changing the Landscape of Cancer Clinical Trials: Technology Enabled, Patient Centered Trial Access Through the TransMed-Pharmatech Alliance

Per our recent press release, we have recently formed a formal alliance with TransMed for a combined mission to accomplish time cycle compression in oncology clinical trial patient enrollment.  As anyone who works within the clinical trial realm knows, there are major barriers to matching the right cancer patients with the right clinical trial-based treatment options.  These barriers ultimately increase time to market and overall development costs. Our partnership will eliminate these barriers by providing data-driven analytics and actionable insights into individual patients and their feasible clinical trials.  This patient matching process will reduce time, resources and costs of drug development, providing opportunities for clinicians and patients to take advantage of eligible clinical trials.

Here’s a quick snapshot of each company and our combined capabilities:


Who we are:

We are an oncology focused clinical trial site management organization (SMO) with the largest oncology network in the US, including 340 research centers including universities and hospitals.

What we do:

We accelerate Phase 1-3 clinical trial patient enrollment by matching and enrolling cancer patients with clinical trials in less than 2 weeks.

How we do it:

We employ our Just in Time (JIT) Rapid Enrollment services which allow physicians to screen for patients prior to clinical trial activation. This allows for operational streamlining and on-demand trial access to drive accelerated patient enrollment.


TransMed Systems

Who we are:

We are a precision medicine technology company who aggregate real-world data in order to translate it into actionable knowledge for clinicians and researchers.

What we do:

We improve clinical trial design and accelerate patient enrollment thru our real-world, data-driven approach to clinical studies.

How we do it:

We empower researchers with aggregated, de-identified patient data and tools to inform their decisions on clinical trial design and site selection; while at the same time, providing clinicians with identified patient-level data and tools that identify individual patients who meet eligibility criteria.


Our Combined Strength

This collaboration allows for data–driven decision making on patient enrollment in clinical trials, effectively driving a more efficient and personalized approach to clinical trial design.  Specifically, the combined solution will provide these top three advantages:

  • Quickly exclude or include a particular patient in a soon-to-be open clinical trial
  • Eliminate costs and time associated with research sites that ultimately fail to enroll patients
  • Enable automated notification to sites identifying which of their patients are eligible to for their trial


If you would like to learn more about our capabilities and how we can work with your team to increase patient enrollment, please e-mail Nathan Hobrath ( or Tom Webb (

Attending ASCO, we’d love to meet up.  Please contact Nathan Hobrath ( or stop by the TransMed booth (#4109) at ASCO to meet with Frank DuPont or other members of the TransMed team.