Cost Effective

Pharmatech solutions overcome inefficiencies in the clinical trial process by eliminating non-enrolling sites and using previously screened patients for biomarker trials. This results in significant cost savings and a streamlined process.

Patient Centered

Pharmatech focuses directly on patients by creating easy and supported access to clinical trials that can save their lives or the lives of those around them. Our goal is to ensure that future generations can benefit from the results that we find today.

Proven Results

Our approach has shown a higher success rate than many of the traditional enrolling methods by 30 – 200%. When you work with us, you can double your enrollment rates, mitigate risks, and eliminate non-accruing sites.

Founded in 1987, Pharmatech has evolved to become an oncology specialized research management organization. We are serial innovators in clinical research, advancing solutions to the most challenging aspects of oncology trials.

Since 2001, Pharmatech has made revolutionary advances in research technology, enabling accelerated clinical trial enrollment while prioritizing the treatment needs of cancer patients:

  • Greater access to trials for patients with rare cancers
  • Clinical trials on-demand to meet patients’ immediate treatment needs
  • Integrating the latest molecular diagnostics to connect the right patients with the right trials.
  • Proprietary IT platform, providing investigators instant access to a selection of clinical trials while reducing the administrative burden.

Pharmatech has earned the experience of hundreds of clinical trials, adapting to the rapidly changing environment of oncology medicine in the US. Often imitated, but never outdone – we see our future in the complete integration of patient care, precision diagnostics, health informatics, and clinical trial based treatments – at the physician’s fingertips for better cancer medicine.


Pharmatech believes clinical research should be patient centered, and every cancer patient should receive the best treatments available, including access to appropriate clinical trials. Pharmatech accelerates clinical trials by creating opportunities for patients and their physicians to leverage emerging cancer medicines efficiently. By reducing the administrative burden, delivering a selection of trial opportunities, and integrating molecular diagnostics with precision oncology, Pharmatech is committed to changing the way cancer research is conducted in the US.