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Mid-project, slow enrollment? Pharmatech has developed a strong reputation for helping sponsors rescue projects. In fact, more than one-third of our business is devoted to rescue projects.

In most oncology studies, sponsors reach a point of study fatigue or an assessment stage to measure if a study is on target for meeting accrual expectations. Unfortunately, because of the fundamental challenges in oncology, it’s not uncommon for a study to fall behind, regardless if sponsored by a global pharmaceutical company or a smaller biotech. Once an assessment had determined that the needed patients may not be accrued quickly enough to complete a trial on time, sponsors are often stuck determining the number of additional sites that should be opened. However, Pharmatech believes that is not the most efficient approach, since in most studies it’s the number of patients that are lacking, not necessarily the number of sites. Pharmatech doesn’t look for sites, rather finds patients using Just-In-Time.

Pharmatech provides study start-up times of 2 to 4 weeks and when possible, can have sites begin pre-screening for patients using Just-In-Time within 3 to 5 weeks from contract signing (shortest timeline in the industry), with minimal upfront investment of time and money. Administratively, Pharmatech operates more efficiently then any other CRO/SMO in the industry, especially because of Just-In-Time and our true network which manages not only much of the administrative process for our sites, but also streamlines the enrollment logistics.


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If you have any projects in need of a rescue, please contact our business development team to see how Pharmatech could assist your study: