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Pharmatech delivers a unique approach to investigator sponsored clinical trials (IST). Post-New Drug Application (NDA), publication-focused clinical trials are important milestones in the lifecycle of oncology drugs. Successful ISTs produce data to guide secondary Investigational New Drug (IND) decision-making, compendium supported off-label utilization, and advancement of patient treatment options in the clinic.

Our pharmaceutical clients complain that 50% of funded ISTs never enroll a patient, and only 20% are completed. Pharmatech enrolls to 100% of our IST trials, with a pre-scheduled abstract and publication strategy. With the support of a dedicated research team, our investigator sponsors quickly launch well-designed protocols in weeks instead of months, even when IND submission is required.

Our multi-center trial ISTs are professionally and centrally administered, with diligent IND, regulatory, enrollment and data management oversight. We deliver high quality data which accurately reflect the performance of agents in community based oncology practices.

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