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Pharmatech is here to accelerate oncology products to market and into the hands of patients who need them most. Our therapeutically-aligned project teams provide a full range of clinical trial services from protocol design to FDA submission. Most importantly, we provide a superior level of quality and commitment to each study, including oversight provided by a dedicated member of our executive management team.

In OncologyExperience is Everything

Oncology clinical trials are inherently complex and require a thorough understanding of the hurdles associated with effectively implementing these programs. Each indication presents its own unique challenges from the operational, data, site, physician, and patient perspectives. Knowledge of the clinical and medical intricacies of the malignancies specifically targeted by your drug or biologic will greatly enhance trial execution. Pharmatech’s deep oncology expertise assures just that.

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Early to Mid-Phase

  • Make rapid, well-informed decisions regarding cohort enrollment and dose escalations
  • Remain flexible to trial modifications, including seamless and adaptive designs
  • Closely monitor the safety, laboratory, and data intricacies of treating critically ill subjects

Late Phase

  • Streamline large amounts of data with full transparency of information via a fully integrated eClinical infrastructure
  • Ensure enrollment goals are met through a global footprint
  • Fully understand the potential impact on the subject through our medical and clinical staff that encompasses board-certified hematologists / oncologists, including our CSO with more than 20 years of research and industry experience

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