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Pharmatech Precision Medicine Research System (AccessPPM) Takes Aim at Lung Cancer

Denver, Colorado (October 28, 2014) – Pharmatech seeking biomarker targeting lung cancer studies.

Following the successful launch of AccessPPM, Pharmatech has begun its series of clinical trials in a portfolio of studies planned to treat the different molecular drivers of lung cancer.  This approach, which will also be applied for other types of cancer, is designed to identify all of a patient’s active biomarkers up front, then provide immediate access to research based treatment options matching the patient’s unique biomarker and clinical profiles.

Advances in the molecular biology of cancer are guiding the development of precision medicines targeted to the specific mutations that drive cancer progression. A major challenge to clinical trials of these drugs is that most cancer patients do not receive comprehensive testing to identify all of the mutations (or biomarkers) that are potentially treatable.  Pharmatech has launched a commercial solution, AccessPPM, combining next generation sequencing of more than 500 cancer biomarkers with clinical and treatment history data to help match patients with appropriate clinical trials through their treating oncologist.  Pharmatech is currently working with several large pharma companies to develop a dense pipeline of clinical trials for patients with lung cancer.  The first trials are now enrolling, and the company is seeking to expand collaborations with trial sponsors in 2015.

AccessPPM is designed to deliver research based treatment options covering every treatable biomarker, every subtype of lung cancer, at every treatment stage.  “We want to expand lung cancer patients’ treatment options to include the newest precision medicines,” said Dr. Matthew Wiener, COO.  “AccessPPM enables us to quickly find out which mutations are involved and to deliver the right clinical trial to the oncologist to meet the individual patient’s treatment needs.”  Unlike other molecular profiling based research solutions in the marketplace, AccessPPM is available to all trial sponsors, all investigators and their cancer patients.

Pharmatech CEO, Rob Bohacs commented, “We are thrilled to be integrating our patient centered clinical trial systems with world class molecular diagnostics to deliver research based treatments where and when they are needed most.  This disruptive combination of up-front molecular diagnosis, combined with case matched trial opportunities addresses the major challenge to the clinical development of precision cancer medicines today.”  As the lung cancer research program develops, Pharmatech will launch similar initiatives in other cancer indications where precision medicines are being developed.


About Pharmatech, Inc.

Pharmatech, Inc. is an oncology Contract Research Organization (CRO) that specializes in creating efficiencies in the clinical trial process. Through an organized network of cancer clinics, the company focuses on advancing the development of products for a broad range of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and on promoting the inclusion of clinical trials in the spectrum of patient treatment options.

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