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Small Denver Company Pharmatech driving a large revolution in how cancer clinical trials are managed

DENVER, Sept. 30, 2014 — According to their CEO, Rob Bohacs – “the world of cancer clinical trials is going through a complete transformation with highly targeted biomarker clinical trials and the work of the current clinical trial management process isn’t configured to accommodate these types of ‘next generation’ clinical trials, which will ultimately drive the prescription cancer drugs of tomorrow.”

The company has been recognized by the National Cancer Institute as an innovator by co-funding its development of AccessPPM and expansion of its Just-In-Time enrollment programs. Mr. Bohacs further stated, “Pharmaceutical companies are feeling the pressure of the challenges associated with highly-targeted drugs and the magnificent cost associated with the old-generation management of these types of clinical trials. We can reduce the time of managing trials by half if we just focus on a more efficient process, ultimately significantly improving the experience for patients and researchers.”

While Pharmatech has been around for nearly 20 years as a service provider to pharmaceutical companies, in the last 2 years the company has completely reinvented itself into a full-fledged genomics and technology company. The company integrated patient medical records with the genetic information from a patient’s tumor to identify the right clinical trial for the patient. It has attracted the attention of the majority of the global pharmaceutical companies as well as the leading research sites from across the US.

Pharmatech, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, is a Site Management Organization (SMO) and Contract Research Organization (CRO) with a focus on oncology clinical research. Through an organized network of cancer clinics, the Company focuses on advancing the development of products for a broad range of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and on promoting cancer patient care through the inclusion of clinical trials in a spectrum of patient treatment options.

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