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RecentPress Releases

Pharmatech Precision Medicine Research System (AccessPPM) Takes Aim at Lung Cancer

October 28, 2014

Denver, Colorado (October 28, 2014) – Pharmatech seeking biomarker targeting lung cancer studies. Following the successful launch of AccessPPM, Pharmatech has begun its series of clinical trials in a portfolio of studies planned to treat the different molecular drivers of lung cancer.  This approach, which will also be applied for other types of cancer, is

Why ChoosePharmatech?

Our core competency is working with small to mid-sized pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Understanding the unique needs of our clients and establishing an ongoing dialogue allows us to offer greater flexibility than many other CROs, both from operational and pricing perspectives.
We understand that project team turnover adversely affects the project as a whole.  To ensure our sponsors consistent Project Management we commit to, and will specify in our contract, not transferring any key project team members to other “more important” client projects.
With over 100 completed projects in oncology we’ve “been there and done that.” Our experience leads to better results, a greater understanding, and thoughtful foresight into all the projects on which we work. We are also a leading innovator in biomarker related research.
Superior customer service is our trademark. We strive to make sure all your needs are met and each project has a specially selected executive oversight team that ensures the entire process runs smoothly.